How to Select a Janitorial Service

How to Select a Janitorial Service

Are you in search for a janitorial service in Middletown NY that will provide your office with great services? Maybe you are hesitant in choosing a cleaning service because of the bad experiences you had in the past. Before repeating the same mistake again, this easy guide will allow you to choose the right janitorial service that will not only provide great service, but will also ensure you are pleased. 
The Janitorial Service in New Windsor NY, located in Orange County NY is one to take into consideration.
Search for Local Companies
The best thing you can do is go online and do some Google searches. If you are in the Orange County NY area you can search for cleaning companies nearby, or you can check out America’s Cleaning Services. By searching online, you will land on the company’s website and gather all valuable information from there before you make your decision.
Ask Questions
The cleaning companies that have made it to your shortlist need to be questioned. You must ask them if they are willing to be working with new customers, and you must ask them about their cleaning services. The questions must include:
  • Is your company fully bonded or insured?
  • Are you providing any janitorial services to companies like mine?
  • How long have you been in this business for?
  • What safety and security measures do you take?
  • Tell me your quality standards, and how you deal with complaints
You can ask questions about what products they use and any other related questions that are important to you. 
Get Quotes
Based on your answers, you will need to narrow down your list of potential candidates. Choose your top five and request a quote. It is important that you limit your list so you can avoid getting overwhelmed with all the information you will be receiving. You will need to compare the submissions you get from all the companies (do not worry about cost right now). Talk to the cleaning companies and check which ones are willing to customize according to your needs. In this case, America’s Cleaning Service is the best choice.
Referrals and Reviews
Another thing you must do before making the final decision is checking the company’s reviews. These can be online or through customers, you just need to make sure you are not getting yourself into something undesired.  Janitorial Service in Orange County NY is well known for their excellent services and referrals.
Read the Agreement
After choosing the suitable janitorial service, you will need to go over the agreement thoroughly before signing it. Most agreements will state how you need to be their client for a specific time. This is why you need to ask questions about anything that is unclear. Check to see if there is an exit clause. 

America’s Cleaning Service is the ideal choice as they provide every customer with great services! Send in your quotes today so we can come and fix all your cleaning issues!

America's Cleaning Service LLC

Location: 261 Liberty St, Newburgh, NY 12550

Location: 49 Woodlake Drive, Middletown, NY 10940

Location: 103 Downs Rd, Monticello, NY 12701

Phone: (845) 554-5351

Hours: Open 24/7


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